The Byberg Preaching Workshop 2020

Monday, Jan. 27

1:00pm                 Registration opens-Hotel Check in time is 4pm
2:00pm                 Eucharist
3:30pm                 Presentation #1 Karoline Lewis
5:00pm Break and Room Check in
6:00pm                 Dinner
7:00pm                 Pastor Panel "Preaching on the Margins" with Gail Hart, Matthew Littau, Kristy Daniels and Chris Ode
8:30pm                 Evening Prayer
9:00pm                 Hospitality at Seaside Brewing Company 851 Broadway, Seaside OR 97138

Tuesday, Jan. 28                                              

7:00am                 Breakfast
9:00am                 Eucharist
10:30am               Presentation #2 Karoline Lewis
12:00pm               Lunch
Free afternoon
6:00pm                 Dinner
7:00pm                 Presentation#3 Karoline Lewis
8:30pm                 Evening Prayer
9:00pm                 Hospitality at Seaside Brewing Company

Wednesday, Jan. 29

7:00am                  Breakfast
9:00am                  Presentation #4 Karoline Lewis
10:30am                Eucharist