The Byberg Preaching Workshop is dedicated to developing the preaching skills of ELCA pastors in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. We have traditionally done this through a three-day, two-night workshop held in Canon Beach, Oregon. We are currently discerning how to best do this in the future, given the vast changes in our culture and church. If you have suggestions, please contact the Byberg Committee member in your synod.

Registration is also open to pastors from other Synods, as well to rostered persons from other traditions.

The Byberg Preaching Workshop committee is comprised of one representative four ELCA Synods.

Oregon Synod: Leah Stolte-Doerfler and Melinda Wagner
Southwest Washington Synod: Suzanne Appelo
Northwest Washington Synod:  Scott Kramer
Eastern Washington Idaho Synod: Kimmy Meinecke

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