Byberg 2015

January 12-14, 2015

Cannon Beach, Oregon

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Our Speaker: The Rev. Dr. Melinda Quivik

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 Preaching in Times of Transition (i.e., all the time)

How can preachers and other church leaders proclaim the gospel of the risen Christ in the midst of shifting points of view and contentious debates?

How is the church to assess the circumstances and find the best words to bring comfort and to raise questions about the relationship between church and culture?

We will explore these questions by looking at imagery of place and class, the ways in which context directs theological understanding, what it means to be church in a culture that has been paying less and less attention to matters of faith, and where hope is found.

 1 – PLACE: Where are we in the landscape? What is sacred? Where are we theologically?

 2 – CLASS/ POWERS THAT INFLUENCE CULTURE: What is the church up against?

 3 – PRACTICING WHAT WE PREACH: What is our theology if derived from what we DO?

 4 – PREACHING BAPTISMAL IDENTITY: The power of baptism to honestly name place and class, to discern the path, and to ground the church in the 21st century. How might we more faithfully appropriate sacramental truth?

 About The Rev. Dr. Melinda Quivik

Melinda Quivik is a liturgical and homiletical scholar living in Houghton, Michigan. Ordained in 1994 in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Melinda Quivik has served as a pastor in Montana, Minnesota, and Michigan and as chaplain of the seminary in Philadelphia while teaching there. More about Dr. Quivik below.


Our Monday Evening Presentation: Fred Quivik


Facing Jesus’ Temptations in an Age of Climate Change

The Monday Evening Presentation will be a reflection on Satan’s three temptations of Jesus as recounted in the Gospel of Matthew. Satan tempted Jesus to turn stones into bread, to jump off a pinnacle of the Temple and let God save him, and to fall down and worship Satan in exchange for the splendors of the world. In an age of human-caused climate change, these three temptations hold special importance for us because we continue to be tempted to burn ever-increasing amounts of fossil fuels. The literal meaning of petroleum is “rock oil,” and we now rely on that fuel for our food, in effect turning turn stones (i.e., rock oil) into bread. The presentation will be an opportunity to contemplate the meaning of our dependence on fossil fuels in light of the story of Jesus’ temptations.

About Fred: Fred Quivik teaches history of technology and environmental history in the Department of Social Sciences at Michigan Technological University. One of the courses he teaches is “Energy in American History.” Sojourners Magazine published an article Fred wrote on the topic of Jesus’ temptations and climate change in 2011.

Our Chaplain: Pastor Wes Howell

Dad's Weekend

Pastor Wes Howell joined the Trinity Lutheran, Pullman, in September of 2011.  He has had long connections with Pullman and the WSU community.  He attended Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley California and has served parishes in Oregon and Washington.  Wes is excited about faith communities reaching out to all people; especially connecting Worship and Preaching  directly to people’s lives. His understanding is that Lutheran Worship is the art of creating an opportunity to connect with the Living Word. He enjoys using whatever liturgies and hymns work best to accomplish that goal. He has done sabbaticals in Taize and Iona to explore community building through worship.(shown with daughters Kirsten and Anna)


We have changed the schedule to allow for people to watch the National Football Championship on Monday, January 12th. We will offer a text study for those who love football more than they love Jesus (just kidding!). Here is the revised schedule:

Revised Schedule:

Monday, January 12
1:00 PM    Registration
2:30 PM    Eucharist
4:00 PM    Melinda Quivik & Q&A
(5:30 PM   Football Championship Game, Pacific View)
6:00 PM    Dinner
7:00 PM    Pericope Study, Fireside
8:30 PM    Evening Prayer, Fireside
9:00 PM    Hospitality @ the Lumberyard

Tuesday, January 13
8:00 AM    Breakfast
9:00 AM    Eucharist
10:30 AM  Melinda Quivik & Q&A
12:30 PM   Lunch
1:00 PM    Fred Quivik & Q&A
Free Time
6:00 PM    Dinner
7:00 PM    Melinda Quivik & Q&A
8:30 PM    Evening Prayer
9:00 PM    Hospitality, Pacific View

Wednesday, January 14
8:00 AM    Breakfast
9:00 AM    Melinda Quivik & Q&A
10:30 AM   Closing Eucharist

To care for the body as well as mind and spirit, you’ll find these activities within walking distance.

The vast and amazing Pacific Ocean… say no more.

Walking or hiking:  Cannon Beach Nature Trail winds through natural areas and circles lagoons; start on 2nd St.  Ecola State Park is north of town,

The Recreation Center at Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center is free of charge to conference participants.  Includes a fitness/weight room; gym with basketball/volleyball nets; indoor jogging track; pool tables.

Cannon Beach Spa, 232 N Spruce.  Call ahead to schedule massage, facial, reflexology, Japanese foot spa treatment and such, 503-436-8772, toll free 888-577-8772,

Cannon Beach Yoga Arts, 251 N. Hemlock,, 503-440-1649, for current class schedule.

More about Dr. Quivik

She earned a PhD at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California, in 2003 in worship and preaching. From 2005-2010 she was associate professor of worship and preaching at Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. She has also taught at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Ohio, in the DMin preaching program at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago, in lay schools of the ELCA’s Virginia and Northern Great Lakes synods, and continues to give workshops and lectures on both worship and preaching in many states in her capacity as an independent scholar.

In March 2014, at the request of the Lutheran World Federation in Indonesia and the ELCA Global Missions Office, she taught Lutheran theology and worship in North Sumatra, Indonesia, where the 4 million Lutherans are beginning a process of recovering their Lutheran heritage. The participants in one of her seminars were chosen to attend so that they would write new liturgies based on her teaching. Those liturgies will soon be published. She has been asked to return in 2015 to teach preaching and worship.

She has just been made Editor-in-Chief of the journal Liturgy, a publication of The Liturgical Conference. She served as Guest Editor for the forthcoming November 2014 issue on “Trinity and Liturgy.”

She worked with a team of 6 other liturgical scholars and pastors writing new liturgical language For each Sunday of the three-year Revised Common Lectionary, for a Westminster John Knox Press (WJK) multi-volume work, Feasting on the Word: Worship Companion.

Her edited book, Leading Worship Matters: A Sourcebook for Preparing Worship Leaders (Augsburg Fortress, 2013), includes essays by 30 different people––lay and ordained––on worship leadership roles, training session plans, and handouts. Her writings include two books, Serving the Word: Preaching in Worship (Fortress, 2009) and A Christian Funeral: Witness to the Resurrection (Augsburg Fortress, 2005), essays in a number of print journals and online publications such as the Journal of Lutheran Ethics, and preaching commentaries in, New Proclamation, Currents in Theology and Mission, Feasting on the Word, and commentaries on preaching justice (WJK) and theological approaches to the lectionary (Abingdon).

During the development of Evangelical Lutheran Worship, she served in a number of capacities with the Renewing Worship project and on the preaching consultation for Principles for Worship (Augsburg Fortress, 2002). She preached for one of the daily eucharists at the 2005 ELCA churchwide assembly.

Quivik is a member of the Academy of Homiletics and the North American Academy of Liturgy (NAAL). She served for two years on the board of NAAL, as the organizer of the 23 seminar groups.

Please download, print, fill out and mail in your registration form: Byberg Registration, 2014

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